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    Makey v2.0

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    Makey Library

    10.990,00 ₺ excl tax
    With Makey Library, you can make real big projects in your dreams, design huge and complex systems.

    Makey Motor Hub

    4,90 ₺ excl tax
    By adding the D type DC, you can easily use the Lego parts and sticks with the motor.

    Makey Oz+

    169,90 ₺ excl tax
    MAKEY Oz+ is a programmable module which there is Arduino on its core. It can be programmable by either computer and mobil tablet/phone.

    Makey Platform Hub

    4,90 ₺ excl tax
    It is an adapter that allows you to easily add Makeys to cardboard, wood and other surfaces.

    Makey Wheel

    9,90 ₺ excl tax
    It is wheel of the Makey which is compatible for Lego.

    Makey Screwdriver

    4,90 ₺ excl tax
    It’s a plastic screwdriver that you can use to adjust the small potentiometers on the Makeys.


    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    When you make a car with two motors, you can provide balance for your car by connecting its front with M-ball.

    Roller Switch

    21,90 ₺ excl tax
    The roller switch module is like a button module but the key is the side of the module.


    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    This module processes the “NAND” operation.

    Object Sensor

    34,90 ₺ excl tax
    The object sensor determines whether sending signal or not according to be object in the front of it or not to be.


    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    This module processes the “NOR” operation.


    19,90 ₺ excl tax
    This module processes the “NOT” operation.