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    Makey v2.0

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    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    This module processes the “OR” operation.

    Bright LED

    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    The bright LED module emits an intensive light.


    26,90 ₺ excl tax
    You can adjust how much power goes the next modules by turning the module of dimmer.


    34,90 ₺ excl tax
    The random module generates a random signal.


    39,90 ₺ excl tax
    The RGB LED is a light module emitting different colors by turning the dimmers with Makey screwdriver.


    39,90 ₺ excl tax
    The number module displays information coming from input.

    Servo Motor

    49,90 ₺ excl tax
    You can control the angle of motion of the servo motor. The servo swings back and forth.

    Sound Sensor

    29,90 ₺ excl tax
    The sound sensor sends a signal when volume level in the environment exceeds a level that can be specified.

    Temperature Sensor

    29,90 ₺ excl tax
    The temperature sensor determines whether temperature level is more than wanted value or not.

    Sine Wave

    34,90 ₺ excl tax
    The sine wavemodule transmits a signal whose form is sine wave.

    Big LED

    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    It is a bigger light module this time. Also, it looks nicer.

    Big RGB

    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    This is the module whose colors change continuously. Do you want to make your project more colorful?