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    Makey v2.0

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    Slide Dimmer

    32,90 ₺ excl tax
    You can adjust how much power goes the next modules by sliding the module of slide dimmer to the right and left sides.


    249,00 ₺ excl tax
    You can do the best start with Starter Kit to be Maker. It is an ideal option for kids and young inventors. If you want to understand the MAKEY modules and the system, you can use this kit. Don't wait any more and give your designs a life!


    749,00 ₺ excl tax
    Steam set is the educational set for instructors who want to support their students with innovative thinking and creative ideas in today's modern education system.

    Vibration Motor

    49,90 ₺ excl tax
    The vibration motor converts the input voltage to vibration. If you give more voltage, you get more the movement of vibration.

    The Special Kit of TUBITAK 4006 Science Fair

    849,00 ₺ excl tax 949,00 ₺ excl tax
    This set specially prepared for TUBITAK 4006 Science Fair With, you can make fun projects for your science fairs organized in your school.

    Ultrasonic Sensor

    49,90 ₺ excl tax
    The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to things around and sends a signal changing with this distance to output.

    USB Power

    22,90 ₺ excl tax
    You can power your project by connecting computer or charger of mobil phone with cable.

    Long Led

    29,90 ₺ excl tax
    The long LED is a light module in which LED is extended from the module by a cable.

    Workshop Kit

    5.099,00 ₺ excl tax
    Workshop Kit is an ideal set for the education of maker in anywhere like your school, workshop.


    24,90 ₺ excl tax
    This module processes the “XOR” operation.

    Half Cable Right

    19,90 ₺ excl tax
    It is a module which transmits the signal unchanged and turns your circuit to right with 90 angle.

    Half Cable Left

    19,90 ₺ excl tax
    It is a module which transmits the signal unchanged and turns your circuit to left with 90 angle.