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    Line Follower

    69,90 ₺ excl tax
    The line follower reacts to light color line in the dark color floor and dark color line in the light color floor.With connecting DC engine modules, you can make a line following robot.

    Object Sensor

    34,90 ₺ excl tax
    The object sensor determines whether sending signal or not according to be object in the front of it or not to be.

    Sound Sensor

    29,90 ₺ excl tax
    The sound sensor sends a signal when volume level in the environment exceeds a level that can be specified.

    Temperature Sensor

    29,90 ₺ excl tax
    The temperature sensor determines whether temperature level is more than wanted value or not.

    Slide Dimmer

    32,90 ₺ excl tax
    You can adjust how much power goes the next modules by sliding the module of slide dimmer to the right and left sides.

    Ultrasonic Sensor

    49,90 ₺ excl tax
    The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to things around and sends a signal changing with this distance to output.

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